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Based in Port Reading, New Jersey, Allied Old English was founded in 1951 by Harold Ross as a small family business

which specialized in duck sauce and blackstrap molasses.  At that time, products were primarily distributed through

health food stores.  In 1975, Fred Ross, Harold's son, took over day-to-day operations where sales were 75% private label and

institutional products sold to restaurants.  Fred Ross concentrated on growing sales of

branded products and acquiring others.


Mee Tu Noodles became part of the Allied Old English line-up in 1977, Sorrell Ridge in 1982, Hot Cha Cha in 1983,

and Gathering Winds in 1984.  While focusing on building his existing and acquired brands, Fred continued looking for

quality products that had a unique position in the marketplace and synergy with his existing brands.

This led to his largest acquisition, in 2005, of Sun Luck's line of Chinese condiments and sauces!

Homade Chili Sauce, an all-natural, sweet and tangy chili sauce packaged in a unique spherical bottle,

was acquired in 2015, and Wing-Time Barbecue sauces arrived in 2019.

The Wing-Time line-up has since doubled to eight skus, attesting to Fred’s approach of acquiring and growing

premium brands. In 2020, Allied Old English introduced Asian Pantry, a full line of premium Chinese sauces,

a continuation of Fred Ross’ belief in offering quality branded products.


This three-generation, family-owned company has become one of the leading manufacturers of bottled food products in

the United States.  Allied Old English now manufactures a delicious portfolio of niche brands - including Asian Sauces

(Asian Pantry, Sun Luck, Dai Day and AH-SO Chinese barbecue sauces), Barbecue Sauces (Wing-Time),

Meat Glazes (Saucy Susan), and Molasses (Plantation).

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Allied Old English, Inc. Is A Proud Sponsor Of The Art Renewal Center

Click on Image to go to The Art Renewal Center:

With over 400,000,000 hits per year, The Art Renewal Center is the largest online museum dedicated to

representational art and includes works by the Old Masters, 19th and 21st Century Artists,

as well as articles, letters and other online resources.


The CEO of Allied Old English, Inc. is the Chairman and one of the Founders of The Art Renewal Center. 

Leading the revival of realism in the visual arts, the Art Renewal Center (ARC) is a 501(c)(3), non-profit,

educational foundation that supports 54 ARC-approved schools that still teach the methods of the Old Masters.

ARC offers scholarships, salon competitions and information from art experts all around the world.


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